An integral, re-usable suit for working in highly contaminated environments.


The SCALHENE™ is an application of the DPTE® system.

 The integral suit is designed for working inside a large contaminated space and is particularly well adapted to maintenance, decommissioning and sanitization work. It provides protection against atmospheric pollutants (aerosols and gasses)* and can also be adapted to use in a sterile environment (option). The suit is ventilated via a waste outlet which extracts air outside the hot cell.

The SCALHENE™ can be fixed either to a rigid airlock, which can be disconnected from the cell, or directly to a specially designed accessory to the work cell. The rigid airlock supplied by LaCalhene is equipped with glove systems and DPTE®.

* The SCALHENE™ protects against toxic pollution, not from irradiation.


Intermediate dressing airlock

Intermediate dressing airlock connected by a cell flange fixed to the airlock

Pink PVC suit

Double-skinned pink PVC suit (M1 fire resistant)

Shock-resistant helmet

Transparent, shock-resistant polycarbonate hemispherical helmet

Concentric piping systems

Concentric piping systems for the supply and extraction of air : standard length 10m-12m-20m-25m, other length on demand